Our Services

Our highway network is vital to the economic growth of the County and keeping local communities safe and connected. It is the most valuable publicly owned asset managed by East Sussex County Council and has a current value of £4.17 billion.

The Council is committed to having the best road condition for the investment available, and supports an asset management based approach for the maintenance of the highway network.

Other council departments

East Sussex Highways work alongside other East Sussex County Council teams to undertake highway works. We have provided information on these teams and what their responsibilities are, this is summarised below.

  • Parking manage all parking restriction in the county including on-street, off-street parking, and car parks. They are also responsible for parking enforcement, tickets and permits. 
  • Rights of Way manage the maintenance of footpaths, bridleways and byways.
  • Transport Development Control are responsible for considering the transport implications of proposed new developments.
  • Strategic Economic Infrastructure are responsible for new infrastructure.
  • Road Safety are responsible for reviewing the safety of the network and advising if improvements should be made.