The Exceat Bridge

Latest activities

A computer generated image that shows the proposed new bridge over the river.
Proposed new bridge

August 2020: We carried out a public consultation in the summer of 2020. We received over 1000 responses on our proposals with 79% in favour of replacing the current bridge. We have used the feedback to further improve the designs. Further details can be found on our consultation page (opens in a new tab).

October 2021:  East Sussex County Council is pleased to have been awarded funding for the project from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund. You can read a copy of the application form here (opens in a new tab). To find copies of the supporting information, technical data and appendices, simply visit the East Sussex County Council Freedom of Information page (opens in a new tab) and click on the East Sussex Disclosure Log link. Once in the Log enter the search term "Exceat Bridge".

December 2022: Planning permission granted by the South Downs National Park Authority with conditions in place to protect the natural landscape.

April 2023: Detailed designs for the new bridge completed.

October 2023: Notices regarding Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs), a Side Roads Order and a Bridge Order will be posted from Friday 20 October. There will be a statutory six week objection period, which will run until Monday 4 December.

The notices have been sent to the land owners.  Notices have also been placed on site around the Exceat Bridge and put in the local news press and London Gazette. The notices will be in the papers for two weeks and on site for six weeks. There will also be hard copies of the notices available at County Hall in Lewes, Seaford Library and Eastbourne Library.

The Orders allow for changes to the road layout as part of the construction of the new bridge including: realignment of the existing road, public right of way and local accesses; re-profiling the river and road embankments; addition of traffic calming measures and provision of a habitat area. You can see full details of the Plans and copies of the Orders at the links below.

The new bridge will be constructed next to the current bridge which will mean the road and pavements can stay open throughout almost all of the construction period. In all cases, alternative routes will be provided if there is a need to briefly close a road or footpath.

  1. East Sussex County Council (Exceat Bridge Replacement – A259 Eastbourne Road) (Classified Road) (Side Roads) Order 2023 dated 3 October 2023;
  2. East Sussex County Council (Exceat Bridge Replacement – A259 Eastbourne Road) Compulsory Purchase Order 2023 (including relevant plans) dated 3 October 2023;
  3. Statement of Reasons;
  4. East Sussex County Council (Exceat Bridge Replacement – A259 Eastbourne Road) Bridge Scheme 2023 dated 3 October 2023

Please see below for accessible copies: 

  1. Exceat Bridge Replacement Side Roads Order Site Plan R1 - accessible version 
  2. Exceat Bridge Orders - accessible version 
  3. Exceat Bridge Replacement Bridge Order Plan - accessible version - Page 1
  4. Exceat Bridge Replacement Bridge Order Plan - accessible version - Page 2
  5. Exceat Bridge Replacement Bridge Order Plan - accessible version - Page 3

May 2024: Negotiations with landowners and the Compulsory Purchase Order process for the required areas of land to deliver the scheme are ongoing.

Construction is expected to start in 2025 and take around 18 months to complete. Some environmental works will begin in late 2024.

The new bridge will be built alongside the existing bridge to ensure as little disruption as possible for road users.  The temporary traffic lights currently in place will remain until the new bridge is complete.