The Exceat Bridge

What does the project involve?

A computer generated image that shows the proposed new bridge over the river.
Proposed new bridge

Improvements for road and footway users

Exceat Bridge will be replaced with a new, two-lane bridge that will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. This will mean more reliable journeys, improved air quality and a reduction in carbon emissions from idling traffic. The scheme will be sensitively designed to reflect the outstanding natural landscape of the area.

The project also includes new viewing platforms, pedestrian crossing points and a new, wider footway on the south side of the bridge. A shared meeting space will be created in front of the Cuckmere Inn with bike racks and seating. These will make the area safer, more accessible and attractive which will help support local tourism, businesses and residents.

Whilst creating a cycle lane along the A259 is outside the scope of the project, the design allows for the new footway across the bridge to be converted to a shared cycleway/footway that could be linked to any potential future cycle lanes.

We have carried out extensive studies to ensure plans will not increase traffic and will improve safety for pedestrians and road users. The A27 will remain the better route for long distance traffic and non-local goods vehicles.

Environmental Considerations

We recognise the huge responsibility we have to protect the unique nature of the area and ensure that the work we do not only benefits those using the road, but also protects and enhances this ecologically sensitive location. We are working closely with the South Downs National Park Planning Authority and the Environment Agency to ensure the bridge will have a positive impact.

For example, crossing points without lights rather than pelican crossings will be installed so there is less impact on the natural landscape from light pollution, particularly at night. However detailed assessments confirm that the crossing points, which will have significantly better visibility than the current provision, will be safe and suitable for all pedestrians.

Surveys of protected species and habitats will take place as well as the installation of ground water level monitoring equipment in the area and work will be carried out to protect wildlife habitats. This will include creating new habitats to replace the wetland that is needed for the construction of the bridge.

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