Our Services - Vegetation

Grass cutting

We have both urban and rural grass cutting programmes in East Sussex. 

Urban areas are, unless determined otherwise, defined as built up locations with a 20, 30 or 40mph speed limit. All other areas are rural. (Please note, there can be some exceptions to this)

Why do we not pick up grass clippings?

As standard, we do not collect clippings following grass cutting.

Grass clippings are relatively short & mulch down quickly which also slows down regrowth.

Raking up, loading, transporting & getting rid of grass cuttings would also increase the cost of the grass cutting substantially.

Why have edges not been strimmed?

Strimming usually takes place within 24 hours of the grass being cut.

Why has an area not been cut?

There are several reasons why the grass may not have been cut:

  • If the area is a designated Wildlife site it will only be cut once the annual flowering has completed. These areas are usually cut in September. You can find out more about it on our wildlife verge page.
  • If the area is cut by the Town or Parish Council.
  • If the section of grass is on private land.