Our Services - Potholes

How potholes are repaired

There are different methods for repairing potholes depending on circumstance, our preferred approach is to cut it out and fill with hot tarmac. However, sometimes we may use other cold products that do not require us to cut out the pothole. These are quick to use at sites where working on the highway can be very disruptive as they can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Cut out and fill

For this method our gang will cut a rectangle around the border of the pothole a few inches from the edge. Then remove the debris from in and around the pothole. They will next seal the edges and bottom and fill the hole with hot tarmac, spread it and tamp down with a vibrating ‘whacker’.

Cold products

These products are much quicker and can be used in any weather with virtually no tools. They are specially designed to ‘set’ quickly and be a permanent repair. They require water to be added to activate the material.

The gang will clean the hole to remove loose material, add water to the hole, pour a bag of the proprietary material in and then shape the edges. This is then either driven over or tamped level by hand to provide a flat surface. Vibration ‘whacking’ does not work on these materials.

The benefits of using these products are that they can be used in any weather even when potholes are filled with water, they are safer for the workforce and there is no waste.

This method has allowed us to repair more potholes, faster and keeping a high quality standard.