Application guidance notes - Vehicle dropped crossing (S184)

Apply online

Both phase 1 and phase 2 applications can be found on the link below. You will be required to log in or apply for an account before you can start your application.

There is currently a technical issue on the system which requires you to provide your business details, even if you are applying as a resident. This will soon be resolved.

To continue your application you will need to enter to your own name and address in the sections that ask for your business name and address.

If the vehicle crossover you are applying for serves more than one property, or is to serve a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes, please contact us on 0345 60 80 193 and ask to be transferred to the Licencing and Enforcement Team to discuss your application before progressing with your application online.

Prior to applying, please read our terms and conditions for applying for a vehicle crossing (Opens in a new window).

Apply for vehicle dropped crossing