Application guidance notes - Vehicle dropped crossing (S184)


Owners of a property who wish to drive over a footpath or verge with a vehicle to access private parking must apply for a licence to have this constructed to highway standards at their own expense. 

From 2 April 2024 the process of applying for a dropped kerb has changed. It is now a two phase process outlined below:

  • Phase 1 - Vehicle crossover application to be completed by the homeowner
  • Phase 2 -  Vehicle crossover construction to be comepleted by the approved contractor

If you wish to apply for a new dropped kerb or to make alterations to an existing crossover, a phase 1 vehicle crossover application must be made. Please read through all of the guidance and criteria notes before completing your application.

You must comply with our vehicle crossover terms and conditions (opens in a new window) as part of your application process.

If your vehicle crossover application (phase 1) is successful you will receive a copy of your licence along with any special conditions. Once you have received this you will need to source a contractor from our approved contractor list who will then in turn need to complete a vehicle crossover construction application (phase 2)


You can view our current list of all fees regarding licences, inspections and applications here.