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Our approach to road repairs

In line with national best practice our approach to maintenance follows an Asset Management approach which is outlined in the Highway Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans. Based on results from lifecycle modelling exercises we understand how much of the network would benefit from works and that our financial means cannot address the “backlog”. In order to maintain the network in its current condition we know we have to treat some of our worst roads some of our medium condition roads and some of our good roads. The modelling has enabled East Sussex County Council to see the effect of different maintenance, performance and investment scenarios at a network level. This gives confidence that we are getting the maximum return on investment from our limited financial resources as we are able to prevent more of the network from falling into red condition through cheaper intervention work than we can repair those already failed.

We prioritise maintenance within preventative and structural programmes based on the condition surveys, Road hierarchy and other factors aligned with our strategy which we assign weightings for within our pavement management system.

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