Our Services - An asset management approach

How highways services are funded

East Sussex Highways is funded by two main sources:

  • Revenue funding
  • Captial funding

Revenue Funding

Revenue funding comes from your Council tax, business rates and Government grants

We use revenue funding for any safety issue such as:

  • Blocked drains
  • Potholes
  • Missing road lines

Capital Investment

Capital investment is the money borrowed by the Council or from government grant to invest in the road network. This form of funding can only be spent on assets to replace worn out elements to return them to new condition such as renewing the surface of the carriageway and replacing parts of highway infrastructure. This money cannot be used to fill potholes but can be used to prevent potholes by resurfacing for example.

Facts and Figures

Typically, we repair 30,000 safety defects at a fixed cost of £1.5m per year.

Council Tax and business rates provide £45 per household/business per year for roads maintenance

A pothole of around 0.5m x0.5m typically costs £50 to repair.

Are you aware of a problem?

If you think the problem is an emergency please call us on 0345 60 80 193. If it is not an emergency you can report it easily on-line here.

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