Application guidance notes - Place bollards or posts (S142)


1. The licence applies only to the type of post placed in the position shown on the plan and conforming to the specification shown in this Appendix and Appendix “B”.

2. The licence is granted and remains in force only to the persons nominated on the application form and unless otherwise agreed by exchange of letter could be become null and void should the licensee cease to have the interest stated on the application form.

3. Subject to the above conditions being met this licence shall remain in effect for a maximum period of 5 years, but this period may be extended by exchange of letters should the Traffic Manager consider after 5 years that the licence is still appropriate. Should a licence be extended no further fee will be charged provided circumstances remain unaltered, otherwise a new application will be needed.

  1. The current licensing fee which can be found on our fee structure is to be received by the Traffic Manager.
  2. The licensee shall be responsible for the cutting of grass within the whole verge width in which the posts are located including around the base of the posts.
  3. The licensee shall be responsible for maintaining any post installed as a subject of this licence.
  4. Any person erecting posts on the highway should have Public Liability Insurance for £10,000,000 (as recommended by East Sussex County Council in light of current settlements), and will indemnify the highway authority against any claims during the installation of the posts. Once erected, provided that the posts are installed in accordance with the authorised Post Plan, the highway authority will accept future liability for any claims arising from the siting of the posts, but will not accept liability for any claims arising from the lack of maintenance of the posts. e) The County Council reserves the right to revoke the licence at any time and for any reason, and in this event the licensee has no right of appeal or right of compensation.