Our Services - Wildlife verges

Applying for a verge to be designated

If you believe a verge to be of specific ecological interest, you can apply for them to be considered to become a Wildlife verge through our application process. These applications are reviewed yearly against species and habitat-based criteria and if found to be suitable are added to the Designated Verge schedule for the next year.

Please note, not all verges will be accepted. Safety considerations remain our priority.

The application process

An application form will be submitted by the proposer with accompanying maps and photos, and other supporting information as appropriate.

If the evidence provided suggests that the verge will meet the selection criteria, the site will be reviewed.

During winter of the year in which the new wildlife verge is proposed, it will be assessed by the County Ecologist against habitat and species criteria. Site selection can be habitat and/or species based and, based upon those listed in the Local Wildlife Sites Partnership’s Sussex Local Wildlife Site Selection Criteria.

A decision is then reached on whether the site is designated a Wildlife, Meadow or remains a standard (rural/urban) verge.

Confirmation of the decision is sent to the proposer and Town/Parish Council. 

Report a problem

If you think the problem is an emergency please call us on 0345 60 80 193. If it is not an emergency you can report it easily online here.

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