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Meadow verges

Should you wish to see a local verge flourish that currently is not likely to be designated a wildlife verge due to not being very species rich; please consider applying for it to become a Meadow Verge, which will only be cut once, later in the autumn when all grasses and flowers present will have flowered and set seed. The cuttings from Meadow Verges, will not be collected

Can you plant flowers in verges?

We do not have the resource to plant or seed all the verges. We do work closely with volunteer groups to allow them to seed and plant flowers in some of our verges.

However, planting or seeding non-native species can have the opposite effect than intended in designating a wildlife or meadow verge, by overwhelming native species and not allowing them to grow.

Verges do not have to have flowers to provide benefits. Simply reducing mowing can have enormous benefits for wildlife. Long grass alone can provide habitat which supports insects which in turn benefit other animals and birds. Many butterflies lay their eggs on grasses for example

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