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The East Sussex Highways Licensing team deals with a variety of different licensing applications, all of which can be found on the website with the fee list


East Sussex Highways Enforcement team become involved if there are unlicensed objects or works on the highway and if there is overgrown vegetation from Private Properties.

Private Overgrown Hedges and Trees

If a hedge or tree is overgrowing onto the highway , the local Highway Steward will inspect the area to assess the impact being caused.

If there is overgrowth but no obstruction the Steward can issue a letter informing the owner of their responsibilities to maintain the private vegetation. Where a responsibilities letter is issued we do not carry out a reinspection or set a time frame for works to be carried out.

If an obstruction is being caused by the vegetation the Steward will issue a hedge cutting notice requesting the vegetation is cut back within 14 days. We will then calenderise a reinspection, if the vegetation has not been cut back then the details will be passed to out enforcement team for further investigations.

If we haven't heard from the owner or they refuse to cut it back, then a formal notice can be served. If the owner still refuses following an enforcement notice, then we will arrange for cutting ourselves and ask the owner to pay.

Anyone is legally entitled to prune back vegetation which overhangs their property boundary line as long as it does not have a significant effect on the tree or plant's health, safety or structure.