Other ESCC departments - Transport development control

Transport Development Control

The Transport Development Control team are responsible for considering the transport implications of proposed new developments in the county. This function is exercised through commenting upon planning applications (including pre-application enquiries),

Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans. Often, the comments provided on development proposals lead to the need to implement improvements to the highway. Although these improvements are often undertaken by the relevant developer(s), the Transport Development Control team supervises these works to ensure that appropriate standards are met. The Transport Development Control team also hold, maintain, update and respond to enquiries relating to land that forms part of the public highway.

Further information on the team can be found on the Transport Development Control area of the Council’s website: https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/planning/roads.


  • Planning applications
  • Road adoption
  • Major Transport Projects
  • Highway land information 

You can contact the team on:

  • Telephone: 01273 482 254
  • or via their webform