Other ESCC departments - Road Safety

Road Safety

Road safety identify points on the road network that are shown to have the greatest crash risk and would therefore benefit the most from interventions to reduce casualties. They carry out studies into crashes occurring on the county’s road network and then put in place a programme of works to address these crashes.

The main focus is therefore aimed at sites that demonstrate a high level of crashes happening over a sustained period. They undertaken a review on crash sites on an annual basis with relatively small scale schemes being funded by the Road Safety Team and larger schemes referred to our Capital Programme for Transport Improvements. The interventions that are available to the Road Safety Team are strictly controlled by national legislation, design standards to ensure conformity across the whole road network and best practice borne out of experience and academic studies.


  • Speed limits
  • Crash site identification and investigation
  • Traffic movement prohibitions and restrictions
  • Parking (in non-CPE areas)
  • Traffic signs (regulatory/warning/advisory/direction/tourist)
  • Road markings
  • Road safety audit
  • Strengthening local relationship meetings with local parish councils
  • Internal driver training and minibus training
  • School Crossing Patrols
  • Driver diversion courses (on behalf of Sussex Police)
  • Cycle training
  • Road Safety Education (in conjunction with the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership)
  • Community road safety 

You can find out more about what this team does and how they can help you on the Council's website here: Road safety | East Sussex County Council