Other ESCC department - Parking


Parking services are managed by ESCC, you can find more information on their website: Parking | East Sussex County Council

You can also email their Customer Service team on parking.information@eastsussex.gov.uk, or on 01273 335 500.

If you are in a parking controlled area you can contact East Sussex County Council who manage the controlled parking zones. You can find out more on the ESCC website here.

If you not in a parking controlled area, you can contact the non-emergency police on 101

Alternatively, you can report the issue via Operation Crackdown or on 01243 64 22 22.

Installation of electric charging points

The County Council does not currently provide on-street charging points for electric vehicles. We recognise that there is a growing level of interest in this area and that greater availability of accessible electric vehicle charging points [EVCPs] is key to increasing the uptake of EV. During 2019/2020 we will be developing our approach to support electric vehicles in East Sussex, and are currently in discussion with our District and Borough Council colleagues about a strategic approach to EVCPs in East Sussex.