Report a problem with the condition of a road

If you think the issue is an emergency please call us on 0345 60 80 193.

If it is not an emergency you can report a problem with condition of a road easily online.

We will need a description and details of the location and size of the problem.

Report online

Supporting an asset management approach

The Council is committed to having the best highway condition for the investment available, and supports an asset management based approach for the maintenance of the network. This means that East Sussex Highways follows the nationally adopted Highway Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Plans which looks at the overall condition of the network from further decline.

We also have to consider what is the best use of our resources, as it is more cost effective to invest some of our funding in preventative maintenance and larger scale repairs that reduce the chance of problems occurring in the first place. This is why we do not always repair some of the smaller potholes or problems on a road whilst we are there repairing the larger ones.

You can find out more about the council's asset management policies and strategies here.