View all roadworks in your area

You can find out about roadworks and event happening in your area using One.Network

One.Network, is a third party who collect data from all over the county, councils and third parties such as utilities to help you know what is happening and when, so you can plan your journey. 

Please note that the map is updated daily.

Screenshot of One Network map system to show what is looks like for new users


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You can view One.Network's full user guide on their YouTube channel: Tutorials - YouTube, or you can view and download the following PDF guides:

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Who should I contact regarding roadworks?

It’s not only East Sussex Highways that carry out works on the road network. If you need to contact a utility company regarding works that they are carrying out, you can do so via the contact details below. If you struggle to get in touch with them or don’t get a response then please do let us know.

Network Rail
Network Rail is the owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network. You can contact them regarding works that they carry out by emailing:

Southern Water
Southern Water are the utility company responsible for waste water in East Sussex and also drinking water in the Hastings and St Leonard's areas. Please visit Southern Water's website for their contact details.

South East Water
South East Water are the utility company responsible for drinking water in East Sussex apart from in the Hastings and St Leonards areas. Please visit South East Water's website for their contact details.

SGN are the utility company responsible for Gas in East Sussex. Please visit SGN's website for their contact details.

UK Power Networks
UK Power Networks are the utility company responsible for electricity in East Sussex. Please visit UK Power Networks website for their contact details.

BT are a utility company responsible for telephone lines. Please visit BT's website for their contact details.

Virgin Media
Virgin media are a utility company for broadband and telephone. Please visit Virgin Media's website for their contact details.

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