Application guidance notes - Erect scaffolding (S169)


To place/erect any scaffolding on or over the public highway you will need to apply for a Scaffold Licence under the provisions of section 169 Highways Act 1980.

You will also need a scaffold licence on a private street not maintainable at public expense but for which the public have the right to pass..

You do not however require a licence to erect scaffolding on a private road or on private property.

East Sussex Highways as the Highway Authority acting on behalf of East Sussex County Council reserve the right to refuse requests to place scaffolding on the highway – even if payment has been received although an appeal can be made to a Magistrate’s Court.

From 2nd April 2024 we will introducing our new system to process the below licence applications:

  • Scaffold
  • Skips
  • Hoarding
  • Plant
  • MEWPS, Cranes, Cherry Pickers
  • S184- Vehicle dropped kerbs

All other licences will follow in due course.

On first application you will need to create a customer account. If you are a business, you can add multiple users to your one account.

The new system will improve the experience for applying and tracking your licence applications, with a few key points below:

  • You will be able to view all pending/active and expired licences within your account.
  • You will only need to upload your Public Liability documents to your account annually as the system will hold the expiry dates.
  • You can apply for multiple licences and pay upon check-out at the end. This means all applications will revert back to requiring payment on submission.


You can view our current list of all fees regarding licences, inspections and applications here.