Application guidance notes - Commercial photography on the highway

Licence/Admin fees for filming and photography

Filming and photography

Filming – This includes Major film productions / TV dramas / series / adverts /feature films/ documentaries / music videos

1. Filming with no traffic management – Causing minor incursion of the highway excluding the carriageway. Main Admin Fee £303.49 for the duration of the filming project. (The term Highway will include Carriageway, Footways and Verges)

2. Filming with traffic management – Causing incursion to the carriageway to include signing, Stop and Go boards, traffic signals or speed restriction Main Admin Fee £303.49 plus Additional Network Coordination Admin Fee of £105.00

3. If it is deemed a film notice is required this would be limited to a maximum 5 day duration and would be subject to our Main Admin Fee £303.49 plus additional Network Coordination Admin Fee of £105.00 plus Temporary Traffic Notice fee, please refer to our current Fee Structure for costs.

4. If an additional site meeting is required with one of our officers, the cost per visit will be £56.34

5. Additional application forms and licence/admin fees will be applicable for the following being placed in/on/over the highway, please refer to our current Fee Structure for costs:

  • Scaffolding
  • Hoarding
  • Placing any banner, cable, signs, bunting over the highway
  • Placing object in Highway (Gazebo, Stand etc)