Application guidance notes - Commercial photography on the highway

General filming requirements

The following conditions must be observed in respect of all Filming Notices and/or licences to place and use objects associated with filming granted by East Sussex Highways:

1. Before any occupation occurs for the filming on the highway (including the placing and use of Film Objects (such term meaning those objects specified in section 5 of the application form and approved by East Sussex Highways):

  • The applicant must discuss the Filming Operation in detail with the local Police (if applicable) for the area and provide written confirmation of their response and requirements (if any);
  • Traffic management measures risk assessments and method statements must be submitted to East Sussex Highways (unless advised in writing by East Sussex Highways such items are not required). All traffic management must comply with Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A Code of Practice the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, and with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual;
  • The applicant must send written notice of the Filming Operation to all frontagers in the immediate vicinity of the proposed filming location no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of filming. Such notice must give details of the location, duration and timing of the filming, any exterior sequences, lighting arrangements, use of cranes or tracking, any proposed parking arrangements, the number of people on location, any dressing of the location, any stunts and any other special arrangements as well as film production contact details.
  • If a Film Notice is required then no later than 24 hours before the time the Film Notice shall take effect notice of the Film Notice in the prescribed form shall be posted by the applicant on site at each end of the highway the subject of the closure and occupation shall not occur until the Film Notice takes effect.

For the purposes of these standard conditions ‘Filming Operation’ shall mean the filming and all related activities and operations

2. The applicant must comply with any conditions imposed by the local Police whether as provided in their response referred to in condition 1(a) above or otherwise.

3. The applicant must comply with the traffic management risk assessment method statements submitted to East Sussex Highways as referred to in condition 1(b) above and any variations thereto.

4. The applicant must take full responsibility for all relevant obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in respect of the Filming Operation and must carry out and act upon a full, site-specific risk assessment for the Filming Operation. The applicant must nominate a competent safety officer who must ensure that health and safety issues are addressed whilst the production is “on-location‟ on the highway.

5. Location and/or filming credits must be acknowledged for all filming activity on the highway. Credits should refer to East Sussex County Council (ESCC) and East Sussex Highways.

6. Filming on the highway shall only take place during the hours specified and approved in the application form and must not take place between the following hours without the express permission of East Sussex Highways:

  • 22:00 hours and 08:00 hours

Permission to film outside of these hours will only be granted with the full agreement of residents, the Police Service, ESCC / East Sussex Highways and the relevant District / Borough Council.