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Temporary signs

Deer crossing signs

Traffic collisions with deer can result in injury or death for animals and drivers and damage to vehicles. There are a significant number of collisions with deer in East Sussex, particularly in the Ashdown Forest area. Drivers need to be aware and take extra care, particularly during spring and autumn.

To read more visit be deer aware | East Sussex County Council or to request a temporary deer sign visit road safety team | East Sussex County Council.

Temporary directional signs to advertise an event

If you require a temporary directional sign to advertise an event, please contact a management event company. The event company will submit an application on your behalf to the East Sussex County Council Road Safety team for permission to erect temporary signs. Once the application has been received, the Road Safety team will check if the application can be approved. Road Safety will then respond to the event company to either give approval with any additional instructions required, or they may request for the application to be resubmitted with any changes that are needed.

Temporary speed reminder signs

For temporary speed reminder signs please contact us and we will send the request to East Sussex County Council's Traffic and Safety team. These signs remain in place for up to six months. There are a limited number of these signs and sites are reviewed by the Traffic and Safety team.

Report a problem

If you think the problem is an emergency please call us on 0345 60 80 193. If it is not an emergency you can report it easily online here.

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