Uckfield Bus Station

East Sussex Highways are working in partnership with East Sussex County Council, Wealden District Council and Uckfield Town Council to develop and implement improvements to the existing bus station to create a Mobility Hub that is jointly funded through development contributions and the Bus Service Improvement Plan.  The proposed improvements form part of the Planning Agreement to mitigate the impact of the development generated traffic on the roads in the town centre.  Following on from the footway works in the High Street and Bell Lane, the proposed improvements will form the final part of Phase 3 of the Uckfield Town Centre Improvement Scheme. 

The proposed improvements at the bus station will include:

  • Two new high quality bus shelters – a larger shelter on the footway and a smaller shelter on the island – they will have upgraded seating provision that will also include wireless charging.  The shelters will also have free Wi-fi, real time passenger information with stop and summary displays and a ‘living roof’ with sedum planting
  • A new cycle shelter
  • New footway and carriageway treatment, with kerbing and paving to match the High Street
  • Construction of a new pedestrian footway and crossing points along the south side of Bell Walk
  • Increased capacity to accommodate four stationary buses
  • Enhanced pedestrian direction signage and street furniture, including a new bench, planters and bins
  • Street lighting upgrades

We wish to implement a number of new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to better manage the parking and vehicle movements in and around the bus station. 

These measures will increase the capacity and improve the facilities at Uckfield Bus Station and include several permanent changes to parking and traffic flows within the station. 

The Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) have been drafted and approved by representatives of East Sussex County Council and are contained on this web page for viewing by everyone. 

The TROs will allow for:

  1. New double yellow lines to be installed at key places within the station, to keep the access and egress routes clear and safe to use by motorists and pedestrians.
  2. Restricted on site parking behind Uckfield Club.  Parking in this area is reserved for deliveries to the club, during key times of the day.
  3. New one-way direction of flow.  Traffic shall enter the station from Bell Lane and exit via Bell Walk.  Travelling in the opposite direction will become an offence.
  4. No vehicular access from Bell Walk into the station.

Should you wish to make comment on the proposals, please complete the online feedback form. This is the formal consultation following on from the initial consultation that we carried out between January and March earlier this year. Please note you will be redirected to the East Sussex County Council consultation website.

The deadline for receiving comments and observations is Friday 26 April 2024.

Feedback Form

Attached are the plans detailing the TRO restrictions (including diagrams).

Click here to see all the relevant documents



During our recent consultation earlier this year, several interested members of the public wrote in with observations and comments on the proposals for the Bus Station Improvements.  We are unable to answer each one of the queries personally, so have drafted below a short list of the most common questions asked, with answers.

Are there public lavatories included within the proposals?

No.  Public lavatories and bathrooms are not included as part of these proposals.  The future installation of this type of public facility will depend on external funding and is not accommodated within the budget for these works.

Is there facilities for wheelchair users within the developed station?

Yes.  Drop kerbs are being installed to access all areas of the station, including the new island.  An area of the car park south of the bus station has been purchased to construct a small footway with similar drop kerbs and tactile paving and this will facilitate access towards the Bellbrook Centre.

The new bus shelters are large enough to accommodate wheelchair and mobility vehicle users.  Kerbs at the front face of the actual bus stops are being raised to reduce the height difference between the platform and the bus entrance.

What additional planting and green space has been included within the proposals?

Space is limited within the bus station for new planting and the provision of new green spaces.  However, both new bus shelters will possess a ‘green’ roof; this is planted with Sedum, a flowering succulent which is hardy and drought tolerant and thrives in this type of application, attracting pollinators during times of flowering.

In addition, several new planters are also proposed for installation within the bus station.  The type of plants and flowers to be planted within these has not yet been decided.

Is there provision for cyclist to park bicycles within the bus station?

Yes.  A new dedicated cycle shelter is being installed as part of the proposal.  The shelter will offer secure facilities to lock a cycle, under cover and will be free to use.