Jevington Road, Jevington - Carriageway Resurfacing

Balfour Beatty is working in partnership with East Sussex County Council to manage the highways service across East Sussex. As part of this, we will be carrying out resurfacing works on Jevington Road/Wannock Road, Jevington/Wannock.

Work will start on Monday 4 September and continue until Wednesday 11 October. If anything changes, we will update you via the signs on site and our website.

We will be working between the junction with Mill Close, Wannock and the junction with Windmill Lane, Friston.


Phase 1: 4-12 September - Tree cutting and vegetation clearance works
During this phase, the road will be closed between 7am and 7pm each day. There will be no weekend working.

Phase 2: 7-19 September – Carriageway resurfacing works
A section of road will be closed between 8pm and 6am each night. There will be no weekend working. See map below for works location.

Phase 3: 18 September-11 October – Resurfacing, patching, haunch reconstruction and drainage works

Jevington Road/Wannock Road will be closed between 7am and 7pm each day. There will be no weekend working. The road will reopen outside of working hours. There will be temporary traffic lights in place on 23 & 24 September to allow for the curing of material. See map on separate sheet for works location.


Information for residents and businesses

Diversion: During the road closure phases, traffic will be diverted via A259 Friston Hill, A259 Eastbourne Road, A259 Church Street, A259 The Goffs, A2270 Uperton Road, A2270 Willingdon Road, A2270 Eastbourne Road, C40 Wannock Road and vice versa.

If you need vehicle access, please discuss this with the team on site to see if this is possible. Please bear in mind there will be delays whilst the area is made safe.

Parking: We will put out ‘no parking’ signs and cones on the site to advise where parking is restricted. Please avoid parking in these locations as it will delay our works.

Weather: All of these works are subject to favourable weather conditions, for example heavy rain may affect the progress of the works. Although we do not intend to work weekends, it may be necessary if we are delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

Properties close to the carriageway may experience a temporary disturbance as this can be a noisy process and those properties may experience flashing lights and reversing sirens.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause, however this forms part of our continuing improvement for the East Sussex highway network.

Please let us know how we did by leaving feedback. Please note you will be redirected to the East Sussex County Council consultation website.

Feedback Form


Map below - Phase 2 works area highlighted red

Map showing location of Jevington Road phase 2 resurfacing


Map below – Phase 3 works area highlighted red

Map showing location of phase 3 works on Jevington Road


Weekly schedule

Monday - 11.09.2023 Siding - as per programme, both sides of the carriageway
Surfacing Patch - CH 1174 to 1200 31.4m2 @ 60mm - AC14
Surfacing Patch - CH 1200 to 1207 41.6m2 @ 60mm - AC14
Surfacing Patch - CH1362 to 1369 39.2 @ 60mm - AC14
Surfacing Patch - CH 1713 to 1755 - 54.6m2 @ 100mm - AC14
Tuesday - 12.09.2023 Grips = x4 as per current programme
Lining & studs as per current programme
Wednesday - 13.09.2023 Continue with phase 2 from patches @ CH 2868 & 2943
Thursday - 14.09.2023 Continuation as per programme
Friday - 15.09.2023 Continuation as per programme