Carriageway Retexturing Programme 2023

Please see below details of out 2023 Carriageway Retexturing Programme.

Retexturing helps improve the grip of the road and increase skid resistance.


Road no. Road name Town Traffic management Date
A26 Brooks Road Roundabout Lewes 4-way lights (nights) 29/08/2023
A259 The Drove, Newhaven Newhaven Lane closure (nights) 01/09/2023
A259 Denton Roundabout Newhaven 4-way lights (nights) 30/08/2023
A2021 Rodmill Roundabout Eastbourne 4-way lights (nights) 31/08/2023
B2247 Dittons Road Eastbourne Lane closure (nights) 01/09/2023
B2247 Dittons Road Roundabout  Westham Lane closure (nights) 01/09/2023
A22 Dittons Road Roundabout South Westham 2-way lights (nights) 01/09/2023
A22 Boship Roundabout Hellingly Lane closure (nights) 01/09/2023
B2089 Swailes Green Ewhurst 4-way lights (days) 05/09/2023
B2089 Udimore Road Udimore 3-way lights (days) 05/09/2023
A259 Rye Road Hastings 3-way lights (nights) 06/09/2023
A2101 Albert Road Hastings Road Closure (nights) 06/09/2023
C11 Lye Green Withyham 2-way lights (days) 07/09/2023
B2188 Plumyfeather Lane Withyham 4-way lights (days) 07/09/2023