Planned Maintenance Programme 2023-24

The below shows current scheduled dates for planned maintenance.

Please note that this programme is subject to change at short notice as these activities are weather dependent. 
Local residents and businesses affected by these works will be notified closer to works commencing. 


Name Town Road Number Type of Work Provisional Date Completed
North Road Alfriston U7728 Footway Works T.B.C.  
Beechdown Wood Battle A271 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Hastings Road Battle A2100 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Main Street Beckley B2088 Carriageway Patching Oct / Nov  
Camperdown Street Bexhill U6593 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Chestnut Walk Bexhill U6503 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Cooden Drive Bexhill B2182 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Courthope Drive (Inc Millham Close) Bexhill U6580 Carriageway Surfacing Oct / Nov  
Cranston Rise Bexhill U6533 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Egerton Road Bexhill U6557 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Grange Court Drive Bexhill U6594 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Holliers Hill Bexhill B2182 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Newlands Avenue Bexhill U6587 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Pembury Grove Bexhill U6593 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Station Road Bexhill U6566 Carriageway Surfacing Dec / Jan  
The Barnhams Bexhill U6537 Carriageway Patching Nov / Dec  
The Gorses Bexhill U6543 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Town Hall Square/Buckhurst Road Bexhill A269 Footway Works 15/05/2023 Yes
Westville Road Bexhill U6562 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Winston Drive Bexhill U6529 Footway Works Dec / Jan  
Woodsgate Park Bexhill U6745 Footway Works 26/06/2023 Yes
Rookery Way Bishopstone U5501 Carriageway Patching Jan / Feb  
Framfield Road (B2) Blackboys B2102 Footway Works 09/05/2023 Yes
High Street (B2) Blackboys B2102 Footway Works 19/06/2023 Yes
Lewes Road (B2) Blackboys B2192 Footway Works 19/06/2023 Yes
Northiam Road Brede A26 Surface Dressing 16/08/2023 Yes
Strand Meadow Burwash U6191 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Kitchenham Road Catsfield A271 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Chandlers Mead Cooksbridge U5068 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Hartfield Road Cowden B2026 Carriageway Surfacing 03/07/2023 Yes
Cripps Corner Cripps Corner B2244 Surface Dressing 21/08/2023 Yes
Cherry Gardens Hill Crowborough B2188 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Crowborough Hill Crowborough B2100 Carriageway Patching Jan / Feb  
Manor Way Crowborough U7803 Footway Works Dec / Jan  
Southridge Rise Crowborough U7803 Footway Works Dec / Dec  
Stone Cross Road Crowborough U7487 Footway Works Oct / Nov  
Walshes Road Crowborough C11 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
School Lane Dane Hill C5 Surface Dressing 15/08/2023 Yes
Common Lane/North End Ditchling B2112 Surface Dressing 14/08/2023 Yes
Keymer Road Ditchling B2116 Surface Dressing 12/08/2023 Yes
Chapel Lane East Chiltington U5001 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
East Dean Road East Dean A259 Surface Dressing 09/08/2023 Yes
East Hoathly Bypass East Hoathly A22 Surface Dressing 11/08/2023 Yes
Boston Close Eastbourne U2294 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Carlisle Road Eastbourne U2046 Footway Works 01/09/2023  
Chalvington Road Eastbourne U2082 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Courtlands Road Eastbourne U2167 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Eldon Road Eastbourne U2048 Surface Dressing 23/08/2023 Yes
Enys Road Eastbourne U2120 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Firle Road Eastbourne U2155 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Kingfisher Drive Eastbourne U2220 Carriageway Patching Jan / Feb  
Kings Drive Eastbourne A2021 Footway Works 11/09/2023  
Kings Drive Eastbourne A2021 Carriageway Surfacing Oct / Nov  
Meads Brow Eastbourne U2003 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Milfoil Drive Eastbourne U2223 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Pacific Drive Eastbourne U2573 Carriageway Surfacing Sep / Oct  
Ramsey Way Eastbourne U2191 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Rowsley Road Eastbourne U2000 Footway Works 24/07/2023 Yes
Royal Parade Eastbourne B2106 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Tanbridge Road Eastbourne U2200 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Upland Road Eastbourne U2032 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Upperton Road Eastbourne A2270 Footway Works 04/09/2023  
Heather way Fairlight U6186 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Knowle Road Fairlight U6184 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Woodland Way Fairlight U6184 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Hop Garden Fairwarp U7853 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
London Road Forest Row A275 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Stonepark Drive Forest Row U7521 Carriageway Surfacing Nov / Dec  
Twyford Lane Forest Row U7850 Carriageway Surfacing Nov / Dec  
Bartley Mill Road Frant C82 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Bayham Road Frant B2169 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Bunny Lane Frant C70 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Frant Green Road Frant A267 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Perrymans Lane Furners Green U7852 Carriageway Patching Oct / Nov  
Diplocks Way Hailsham U7221 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Ersham Road Hailsham B2104 Carriageway Surfacing 03/07/2023 Yes
Hawkswood Road Hailsham A271 Carriageway Patching Nov / Dec  
South Road Hailsham A295 Carriageway Surfacing 17/07/2023 Yes
The Drive Hailsham U7716 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Beaconsfield Road Hastings U3279 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Githa Road Hastings U3225 Carriageway Surfacing Jan / Feb  
Harrow Lane Hastings U3016 Footway Works Jan / Feb  
Hoads Wood Road Hastings U3271 Carriageway Surfacing Jan / Feb  
Maderia Drive Hastings U3040 Crack And Joint Programme 03/07/2023 Yes
Maderia Drive Hastings U3040 Surface Dressing 09/08/2023 Yes
Park View Hastings U3032 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Parkstone Road Hastings U3029 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Pelham Place Hastings A259 Footway Works Nov / Dec  
St Helens Road Hastings A2101 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
The Bourne Hastings A259 Carriageway Surfacing Nov / Dec  
Battle Road Heathfield B2096 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Elm Way Heathfield U7352 Surface Dressing 19/08/2023 Yes
Little London Road Heathfield A267 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Church Lane Hellingly U7691 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Uckfield Road Herons Ghyll A26 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Trolliloes Lane Herstmonceux U7071 Carriageway Patching Oct / Nov  
Hillside Drive Horam U7345 Carriageway Patching Oct / Nov  
Jevington Road Jevington C40 Carriageway Surfacing 04/09/2023  
Ashcombe Hollow Kingston B2112 Drainage 17/07/2023 Yes
Ashcombe Hollow Kingston C324 Carriageway Surfacing 24/08/2023 Yes
Evelyn Road Lewes U5107 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Fuller Road Lewes U5107 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Montacute Road Lewes U5103 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Western Road Lewes A277 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Southdown Avenue Lower Willingdon U7740 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Mayfield Road/Tunbridge Wells Road Mark Cross A267 Surface Dressing 17/08/2023 Yes
Battle Road Netherfield B2096 Surface Dressing 22/08/2023 Yes
Iveagh Crescent Newhaven U5103 Footway Works Jan / Feb  
North Lane Newhaven U5275 Footway Works T.B.C.  
Rose Walk Close Newhaven U5277 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Standard Hill Ninfield A269 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
The Green Ninfield A269 Carriageway Surfacing Oct / Nov  
Rocks Hill Northiam U6995 Carriageway Patching Nov / Dec  
Springfield Avenue (B2) Peacehaven U5820 Footway Works 09/05/2023 Yes
Bay Terrace Pevensey Bay U7290 Footway Works Dec / Dec  
Collier Road (B2) Pevensey Bay U7285 Footway Works 19/06/2023 Yes
Priory Close Pevensey Bay U7288 Footway Works T.B.C.  
Old Drive Polegate U7686 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Fairlight Field Ringmer U5681 Footway Works Nov / Dec  
Springett Avenue Ringmer U5572 Footway Works Nov / Dec  
Station Road Robertsbridge C18 Drainage T.B.C.  
Station Road Robertsbridge C18 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Harbour Road Rye C98 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Rodmell Avenue Saltdean U5892 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Anthony Close Seaford U5501 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Carlton Road Seaford U5494 Surface Dressing 10/08/2023 Yes
Chyngton Gardens Seaford U5411 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Claremont Road Seaford A259 Surface Dressing 10/08/2023 Yes
Fairways Road Seaford U5461 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Hartfield Road Seaford U5448 Carriageway Surfacing Oct / Nov  
Hartfield Road Seaford U5448 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Newhaven Road Seaford A259 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Princess Drive Seaford U5486 Surface Dressing 10/08/2023 Yes
The Green Seddlescombe B2110 Carriageway Patching Oct / Nov  
Plawhatch Lane Sharpthorne C2 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Mill Lane South Chailey C323 Footway Works T.B.C.  
Harley Shute Road St Leonards on Sea B2092 Surface Dressing 08/08/2023 Yes
St Johns Road St Leonards on Sea U3158 Carriageway Surfacing Jan / Feb  
Westfield Lane St Leonards on Sea A28 Carriageway Surfacing T.B.C.  
Dittons Road Stone Cross B2247 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
St Peters Avenue Telscombe Cliffs U5853 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Keld Drive Uckfield U7515 Carriageway Patching T.B.C.  
Lephams Bridge Road Uckfield A272 Footway Works T.B.C.  
Lewes Road Uckfield C58 Carriageway Surfacing 07/08/2023 Yes
New Town Uckfield C26 Carriageway Surfacing 05/06/2023 Yes
Rocks Park Road Uckfield U7776 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Southview Drive Uckfield U7771 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Uckfield Bypass Uckfield A26 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Gallipot Hill Upper Hartfield B2116 Surface Dressing 19/08/2023 Yes
Best Beech Lane Wadhurst U7601 Carriageway Surfacing Feb / Mar  
Gorringe Valley Road Willingdon U7756 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Willingdon Way Willingdon U7757 Concrete Road Programme T.B.C.  
Sea Road Winchelsea C92 Footway Works Dec / Jan  
Watch Oak Hill Withyham A264 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Withyham Road Withyham B2110 Crack And Joint Programme T.B.C.  
Ditchling Road Wivelsfield B2112 Carriageway Surfacing 22/05/2023 Yes