Application guidance notes - Erect scaffolding (S169)

Next steps

Once the application has been received, ESH will assess the application, conditions of the public highway and co-ordination requirements on the licensing and streetworks database to ensure appropriate road and foot space is available.

Your licence application will be assessed and either a licence issued or declined.  If an application is declined the reasons will be explained as to why it was not issued at that time.

If my application is accepted, how do I receive my licence?

The licence will be sent by post already laminated for the purpose of being displayed outside and fixed to the scaffolding structure.  This licence is to be displayed in a position which can be clearly seen for the purpose of informing ESH Officers and members of the public the nature of the works, licence conditions and contact details in case of emergency.

In addition, an electronic version of the licence can be sent to you by email.

It should be noted that no activity shall be performed on site until a valid licence has been authorised and displayed on site. 

Unlicensed scaffold on highway

Any unlicensed activities or activities waiting for consent will be treated as illegal works and will be dealt with through the enforcement process.