Application guidance notes - Erect scaffolding (S169)

What you need to provide

Please make sure the following are made available:

  • A copy of at least £10m Public Liability Insurance
  • A signed copy of Indemnity – ESH required a signed copy of the Indemnity at Section 3 of this application before any scaffold application can commence.
  • All relevant site plans or diagrams
  • Details of any road closures that will be required.  Please note that Temporary Traffic Orders (TTPO) require 12 weeks to process.  There will be additional fees involved with this, for which you should allow approximately £1,000 to £1,500 (NB:  the price varies due to the cost of advertising).
  • Details of any parking suspension that may be required.  Depending on the location, you will need to either apply to the Parking Shop at East Sussex County Council, or to Network Management at East Sussex Highways.  Please note that a Temporary Traffic Order (TTPO) may be required with the fees as detailed above.