Application guidance notes - Erect scaffolding (S169)

Applying for a licence

An application for a scaffolding licence must be made at least 10 working days in advance of the start date required. Any late notification may result in the refusal to licence for the requested period. 

  • The exact site address must be specified on the form by the scaffolding company applying for the licence.
  • The start date and end date must be specified on the application form.
  • Payment of the licence fee must be paid in full before the licence/renewal is issued (see ‘Payment of Fees’ below).
  • The scaffold company must specify the reason why the scaffolding is required e.g. roof replacement, building work, decorations etc.
  • Traffic Management plans must be submitted where applicable including any site plans.
  • A site meeting may be required where it is considered that there may be an impact in placing the scaffolding on the highway and for this reason we recommend as much advance warning as possible.

It is suggested that you take photos of the site prior to your operation for your records.

It is strongly recommended and very important that you carefully read in full the terms and conditions applicable to the licence which are contained within this application form. 

It is also recommended that you read the guidance notes contained within this application form before applying.