Application guidance notes - Erect scaffolding (S169)

Section 4 - Scaffold licence site requirements terms and conditions

  1. A laminated copy of ‘LICENCE TO PERMIT SCAFFOLDING ON HIGHWAY’ to be securely fixed always to the scaffold in a prominent position so that it can be clearly visible to anyone wanting to inspect the details.
  2. ‘Working overhead’ signs to be clearly displayed.
  3. Any damage to the highway to be made good in every instance.
  4. Signage and guarding to comply with current legislation.
  5. If within 450mm of the carriageway, vertical standards to be lit between half an hour before sunset and half an hour before sunrise.
  6. If within 450mm of the carriageway, white sleepers with attached cones to be placed beside scaffolding in the carriageway.
  7. If the scaffolding is ‘walk around’ there should be a minimum distance of 1 metre between the structure and carriageway for pedestrian access.
  8. If scaffold is ‘walk under’ no bar, rail or other obstruction shall be erected over the footway at a height less than 2.5 metres (8 feet) in such a manner as to cause injury to pedestrians or damage to vehicles.  All scaffold couplers below 2.5 metres in height shall be fixed in a position least likely to create an injury to pedestrians.  Additional protection may be necessary to cover the couplers or connectors with suitable padding or coverings.  There must be a minimum width of 1 metre to allow for pedestrian access.